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More than fifty percent of Americans dream of owning their own business and having financial freedom. Unfortunately, the reality for most people is, long hours, little pay andno where to go. They are left dreaming of “one day.”Why spend time working to build someone else’s dream when we can give you a proven method to build your own? Discover how Grout BOSS can help you:

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Make More Money
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Make More Time For Friends & Family
  • Free Yourself From The Everyday Rat Race.

If you want financial and personal independence then this is the best thing you will ever read.

You can own your piece of a billion dollar industry that’s growing every year and be your own boss. You call the shots, make the hours and you make all the money, even if you have no trade skills.

With our B.O.S.S. system—Business, Operation, Support & Success System—you’re not on your own trying to figure out how to run and grow a profitable business, you’ll have a proven model to follow and a support network to help you. With the B.O.S.S. System you’ll have MORE income and MORE freedom instead of being chained to a job you hate. It’s where dreams become reality!

The Grout BOSS is the ultimate franchise for grout and tile restorationand is part of the growing billion dollar home services industry. Our focused training program allows anyone who is willing to work hard and embrace our system and techniques to quickly learn the grout and tile restoration trade and become their own boss… A Grout BOSS!
Whether you are just getting out of the military, looking to escape the 9 to 5 rat race or have always dreamed about being your own boss, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

This Franchise Is Perfect For:

  • Young People Who Are Hungry And Want To Own A Business
  • Former Military Who Are Looking For A New Career
  • Tradesmen and Craftsmen Looking To Be Their Own Boss
  • People Who Are Systems Orientated
  • People Who Like To Work With Their Hands


PROVEN SYSTEM & SUPPORT: The Grout BOSS is owned and operated by Eric Tirado. He has been in the grout restoration business for over fifteen years. He was a top franchisee in other grout franchises then left and built his own. He has created a proven system for marketing and reinvented the sales, service and operation side of the business. He has also developed his own chemical line that simplifies the job and helps produce a superior result. He has literally been there and done that. He’s grown his family owned grout business from nothing (when he left active military service) to a business that has provided an amazing life for him and his family. Now he is sharing his proven success system with you.

IN-DEMAND SERVICES: With millions home owners in the country the home services industry is booming. You can tap into this lucrative, in-demand, multi-billion dollar industry sitting right in your backyard. It’s a goldmine waiting for you to dig in. Plus you can help people save thousands of dollars by cleaning, repairing and replacing their grout instead of messing, expensive and time consuming remodeling.

HIGH NET PROFIT: With Grout BOSS there are no expensive materials, no store front to rent, very little inventory to carry and you can work from home. As a Grout BOSS you can help homeowners as well as commercial clients so the income opportunity is unlimited. Plus, with our exclusive Grout BOSS cleaning products sales system you can make additional profit ongoing without even lifting a finger.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: No experience with grout or home services at all? Fuhgeddaboudit! You don’t need it. We’ll train you to not only do the work but also to run and grow the business. Once you become a Grout BOSS, you’re part of the family. We’ve got your back. Our comprehensive, live, hands-on training program makes you an expert fast.

LOW COST OF ENTRY: Some franchises require you to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars just to start. Starting a Grout BOSS franchisee is incredibly affordable especially see how committed we are to your success and the training, systems and support you receive.

THE BOSS LIFESTYLE: When you’re the boss you call the shots. You can work a flexible schedule that gives you freedom to do what you want, when you want. Not only that, you make all the money. Get the luxury, convenience and freedom of being your own boss… a Grout BOSS.

WE SUPPORT VETERANS: The Grout BOSS will assist active or former veterans in obtaining a Grout BOSS franchise.


OK, I’m Interested. What’s Next?
Give us a call at 833-281-BOSS or just fill out the form on the right to get our Grout BOSS Franchise Kit. It will give you all the details about costs, training and support as well as the application you need to begin the process.

We look forward to helping you be your own boss… a Grout BOSS!
Eric Tirado,
Founder and CEO of the Grout BOSS

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