Grout Cleaning & Sealing

With grout cleaning the most effective way to achieve cleanliness and removal of harmful bacteria in your floor is by a 3-Step process in cleaning. The Grout BOSS uses our exclusive brand of cleaning agents that not only clean your grout and tile, it also sanitizes them from built in bacteria.

We begin by mopping our solution on to the surface of the tiles and grout joints. Most companies use a garden spray system that DOES NOT cover the entire cleaning area. Once we have added our solution to the floor, our Technicians brush each grout joint by hand, agitating the solution and releasing the dirt and bacteria from the surface and pours of the grout. Then, with our high pressure rinsing system, we go over the floor extracting the used solution, cleaning the tile surface and properly rinsing the area for sealing or grout staining (recoloring).

You can be assured that when The Grout BOSS leaves your home, your grout is in the best condition possible, this we guarantee!