Shower & Tile Re-Grouting

When your shower stall starts to look gross and nasty, regrouting is the only real solution. Mold and mildew grow from the understructure of grout and tile and moves from the back to the front of the grout. Using bleach or whitening agents may seem to take care of this, the mold and mildew always returns in a short amount of time. This is when regrouting is the answer. Grout BOSS safely removes the grout from the joints, removes any existing caulk and completely restores the beauty of the original shower by installing new grout and caulk.

Other companies say they regrout showers but they only clean them, recaulk and brighten the grout joints using a temporary coloring that will not last in moist areas like showers. Grout BOSS is one of the only TRUE complete regrouting companies in the United States. Compare and you will know the difference.