Tile & Grout Repair

Whether it’s cracked or chipped tiles, Grout BOSS has the expertise to safely remove your damaged tile and replace it with one of your unused tiles. In the event of wall damage in a shower, we do that too!

Grout BOSS not only can re grout your showers, we can carefully remove that damaged section of the shower wall, place new board on the structure, clean the existing tiles and re-adhere them back to the shower wall. In extreme circumstances, you may need to purchase newer tiles, to repair the damaged section but we can do that and still make your old shower look like new again for years to come.

In the event of hollow tiles, or tiles that have lifted from the foundation. We are experts in removing the old tiles, cleaning them up and replacing back to the floor as if nothing happened. This issue is typically caused by hydrostatic pressure releasing from the foundation and causing tile to POP off the floor.

Let us repair your existing tiles and save you thousands on remodeling or replacing your entire tiled floor.